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As much as I admire them, I am not a real DJ.  I've done it and know the basics of the art.  But I am pretty much a producer.

HOWEVER, I DO curate PLAYlists which do get popular.

I used to use Deezer quite a bit but then YouTube Music came along and their Vido/Music library basically changed everything.  Also the access to the hottest music in the world - from Asia these days - is all over YouTube. 

So here it is -



Korean Hard Edge  Korean hard rock and some metal (but not metal core) - Bursters, Drug Restaurant, Royal Pirates

CodyJRockKRock - N.Flying, Day 6, Buck-Tik, L'Arc En Ciel, OneOK Rock

CodyAsianPop - From BTS, MonstaX, Pentagon, Ateez, Stray Kids

CodyPersianRock - rock from the middle East

CodyElectroFlamenco - EDM meets flamenco 


Cody Punk - great  punk covers

CodyPostPunkYouth - Tunes that formed my youthful brain

CodyTrance Metal - Babymetal, Evanescence

CodyMetalCovers - when you want your pop tunes very hard

CodyTrance - Some of the best Eurotrance around

CodyEDMRock - fusion styles between rock, metal, and EDM - Testio, Starset, Pendulum, The Prodigy, EDEN

CodySimTunes - A playlist of sets of similar sounding rock tunes through the ages

CodyLiveRock - One of the best live stadium rock playlists 

CodyHardHipHop - some of the more political tracks of the genre - Public Enemy, RunDMC

CodyEDMCovers - what happens when you let EDM producers onto pop and rock tunes

CodyHeartland - when you want to be a patriot :/


CodySOGI - LGBTQ artists

CodyEmpower - songs that will get you chanting for your rights


CodyJaded - great bitter rock songs

CodyHotnSexy - songs to celebrate your sexuality with 

CodyCityTunes - about all those tunes about huge, desolate spaces 

CodyHistoryTunes - tunes that document history 

CodyTechTunes - songs about technology

CodyNewRomantic - new wave and post punk

HallowHaunted International- scariest tunes from around the world Halloween set


CodyRiffs - the songs with the great guitar riffs of rock

CodyRockKeys - instrumental piano covers of Western Rock songs

CodyAcousticCovers - an unplugged acoustic guitar rock playlist

CodyUnpugged - softer versions of rrock songs


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